Femme without Female- Part I

I am a woman, and I like being one. I like dressing up, putting makeup on, doing my hair, and all the so-called “girly” things that many of us woman do.

What I do not enjoy, however, is the chemistry, behavior and less than desirable traits that come with that (mostly learned, but nevertheless real): insecurities, jealousy, selfishness, control, and the destructive seduction that can seem so desirable, yet only feds your ego and makes you feel like shit afterwards. Use and abuse cycle that so many of us know so well.

Being with Bernie in this new life has done a lot for me. Not a lot, it has completely transformed me. Bernie is beautiful, stylish, fashionable, ageless..yet there’s no trace of these yucky traits described above in her demeanor. It’s quite incredible. What is also quite attractive about her it’s the truthfulness in her actions and words; she says what she means and means what she says. She is up front and honest, but never critical. She never puts you down; but she speaks the unspeakable.. the things you know about yourself that you don’t dare say out loud…. and really, if we all did this more often, we could become someone totally new and exciting! Now you tell me… HOW MANY WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE ARE 100% REAL AND CLEAR WITH YOU?

Why are we so afraid of being real? Why do we love being in denial?

And that’s what I have realized about the female… there are so many versions of it! We are raised to be caretakers, daughters, mothers, wives…but the problem is that these roles are very limited. You have no room to be someone fresh, new or exciting.. you start to think this is why you were born: get married, have babies, get old, and die. WTF!

Or… you have the other side of the coin: if you are not the submissive motherly type, you are the seductive insecure type that seeks that attention 24/7, hate other women (most of the time without even meeting or knowing them), want to control “your man” or “your woman” (did you purchase them? they’re not yours!) and are the overall definition of a bitch. The crazy thing about it is that people think this is normal… IT’S NOT! It may be the norm, but it’s a fucked up relating.

Because of People Unlimited, I have women in my life that adore and love who I am without any of these nasty traits. Is this a big deal? You betcha.

My whole life I’ve dealt with jealous women, friends dropping me for no reason, gossip, rumors, bullying, and overall “mean girl” behavior. I always wanted solid women in my life..and because of Bernie, and other women like me that have chosen to live and get out that ordinary way of life, I have found a freedom that never existed before in me. I have nothing to prove, no one to please, no one to compete with, and no one to be jealous of. We take for granted our own uniqueness. Being feminine and a female are not the same. I love being a woman, but I hate that bitch chemistry.

Being out of the norm for me is being who I really am and giving myself the space to change to become more and more someone so new that you have no time to settle for less.. with yourself or anyone else.

Women need to empower one another, not to suppress and put down each other! If you are a woman, this is an invitation to become and be with other people that love you for you. Nothing else. If you meet Bernie, you will get what I am saying. Trust me.


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